Nothing Is Lost In Cyberspace: How To Find Or Recover Digital Files

The loss of tons of files on your company's computer system is not something to bemoan. With the right expert in digital forensics, you can recover or find anything in the virtual world. Here is how the process works.

Hire a Digital Forensics Expert

Most digital forensics scientists work for the government or the police. That said, you can probably locate one such expert by consulting your local police departments. Whether they have a full-time expert or they use a consultant, they can steer you in the direction of someone who can help.

Schedule an Appointment and Explain What You Need to Retrieve

In order for the expert to find what you have lost or locate things that are encrypted, you need to set some time aside for him/her to work within the walls of your business. Be sure to explain what you want him/her to do.

The services these experts provide include:

  • Finding lost files 
  • Retrieving files that were accidentally "deleted"
  • Solving the encryption code to decode files
  • Removing pixel covers on secret files to reveal pictures and/or documents underneath
  • Pulling files from the Cloud when you suddenly cannot get the files to download
  • Finding bugs, viruses, trojan horses, worms, etc., and killing them
  • Rewriting code on the back end to eliminate problems you are having with your company's computer system
  • Finding hackers who have come through the back door of your system and locking the hackers out
  • Increasing your internet  security so that others cannot access your system and remove files or view files remotely

Given the extent of the services provided, it is easy to see why you need to communicate effectively with the digital forensics expert to get your needs met.

Provide Access to Your System for the Expert

The expert cannot help you if you do not provide full access to your system for him/her. Release all security codes and restrictions so that he/she can work. Then give him/her a quiet space in the building to get down to business.

Once the Problems Are Corrected

Once all of these problems are corrected, you pay the fee that the expert requested for the services rendered. If you want him/her on a retainer, some digital forensics experts are willing to accept a consultant position with your company. Be sure to pay the retaining fee and sign a binding agreement with the expert so that you can rely on his/her services when you need him/her again.

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