Powerful Banking Innovations That Are Helping The Disabled

Technology is like the two sides of a coin. On one side it can be dangerous and fraught with uncertainty. For example, it may be easier to access private information through technology; it takes up too much of our limited time; it makes some jobs obsolete. But on the other side of that coin, it can make life easier and so much more efficient for so many. It can also provide access to things that may have been inaccessible to some in the past, especially those with disabilities. This is especially true of the technological innovations in the banking industry. But now, new tools are making it more convenient than ever, particularly for the disabled who make up 15% of the world's population, to have access to crucial banking tools. Three of these tools are included below.  

Video Banking

One of the most exciting innovations is the option to use video banking. With two-way video banking, it's easier than ever for people with limited mobility to get all their banking done easily from the convenience of their home, as long as an internet connection is available. When it's so easy to video chat with your friends and acquaintances on your phone, it only makes sense that this technology should be utilized by other industries. Not only does video banking make the whole banking process more convenient, it also gives the customer the option to easily talk to mortgage experts or small business loan experts--any person with a specialized skill that they may not have easy access to at their local branch.

Instant Check Deposit

Another great technological banking innovation is instant check deposit. Although checks are becoming more obsolete every day, they still show up in the mail from time to time. If you have limited mobility, depositing a check in the traditional way can require a lot of planning and time. With instant check deposit, it can be as easy as taking a picture of the check with your phone and then uploading it to your bank account.

Voice-Guided ATMs

While remote technology like video banking and instant check deposit are extremely convenient solutions for those with limited mobility, there are also innovations being made to provide alternate banking solutions for people with other disabilities, like the blind and visually impaired. In fact, many banks have installed ATMs that have a voice-guided option. An automated voice will audibly guide a blind or visually impaired user through the ATM options to allow them to get their banking done easily and more conveniently.