3 Advantages Of Bail Bonds

If an individual is arrested and charged with a crime, a court may decide to set bail. This is an amount of money that must be paid in full — or "posted" — to guarantee the individual's release prior to their appearances in court. If the individual shows up to all of their appointed court dates, the bail is then refunded. While this may seem like a straightforward system, finding a way to post bail can be confusing and stressful. Fortunately, bail bonds offer a convenient solution that streamlines the process and offers the accused their immediate freedom. If a family member or friend has just been arrested and needs bail posted, take a look below at just a few of the advantages of bail bonds.

No Need to Raise Capital 

Depending on the circumstances, there can be many obstacles that make it difficult for an individual (or someone acting on their behalf) to post bail. Most often, this is the amount of the bail itself, which can often be set at several thousands of dollars. While some may have the capital to post bail immediately, these represent exceptions. If you do not have the capital at hand, you will have to take out a personal loan from a financial institution or trusted acquaintance. Both of these can be time-consuming and ultimately ineffective. Bail bonds, however, require only that you put forward a certain percentage of the bond — the bail bondsman then posts the remainder.

Getting Released Quickly

Another hugely important advantage of bail bonds is that they can guarantee an individual's release quickly. The freedom to go about life outside the confines of prison has more than just abstract implications. An individual who is released on bail will likely be able to return to work and continue to earn a living. If they have children, they can look after them as they normally would, rather than trying to find childcare. For a host of practical reasons, getting released quickly is enormously beneficial. 

Flexible Payments

There's also no need to worry about paying back the amount owed to a bail bondsman all at once. Most bail bond offices have repayment plans that offer the flexibility you need in what can be trying financial times. It is advisable to speak to a bail bondsman about how you can comfortably pay back the principal amount of the bail plus any applicable premium fees.